Icelandic humour

Yesterday a newsletter arrived in my inbox from Iceland Express and, for the second month running, their quirky and entertaining style made me laugh. This is why:

Here’s an extract from their latest update: No Icelandic Word for Please

Learning Icelandic is like getting a tattoo on your bum. It’s time consuming, painful and you rarely get a chance to show it off.

Some people say the Icelandic language is unnecessarily complicated. For example there are around 45 different ways to say the word “green”.


And another…Cultural Learnings of Iceland, Part 6: Brennivín


Having a national beverage seems to be de rigeur for small countries who want to sell stuff to tourists maintain their cultural identity. Iceland is no exception.


The local tipple is called “Brennivín”, an ancient Icelandic word that translates as “we see a really bad headache in your future”.


And finally…from Carry on Camping at Reykjavík Gay Pride”


Iceland is famously liberal when it comes to driving on the other side of the street. (Nudge, nudge, know what we mean?) Gay marriage is simply so last year — we’ve already moved to gay couples arguing about how to fold the napkins at their adopted children’s wedding dinner. Oh, and of course we’ve got a lesbian Prime Minister. (Relax guys, it’s not as exciting as it sounds.)


For these and other quirky snippets, take a look at their blog.


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    Can Icelandic Ash Be Turned Into Cash?
    (Icelandic humor)

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