FARN10: Airbus unveils concept plane

Airbus has revealed images it describes as “more than a flight of pure fantasy” of a concept plane.

Airbus Concept Plane 1_resized.jpg

“The images released today illustrate what air transport could look like in 2050 – even 2030 if advancements in existing technologies continue apace,” says Airbus.

“Airbus experts in aircraft materials, aerodynamics, cabins and engines came up with the design which is an ‘engineer’s dream’ to meet the expectations of the passengers of the future.

Airbus Concept Plane 3_resized.jpg

“Ultra long and slim wings, semi-embedded engines, a U-shaped tail and light-weight ‘intelligent’ body all feature to further improve environmental performance or ‘eco-efficiency’.  The result: lower fuel burn, a significant cut in emissions, less noise and greater comfort.”


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