The curtain goes up…. at Uzbekistan Airways’ offices

Theatre-land in London’s glittering west-end. The Theatre Royal Dury Lane, The Garrick, The Gielgud, The London Palladium, and Uzbekistan Airways former London offices in Picton Place near Oxford Street?….

….Yes, that’s right, the former London office of Uzbekistan Airways is the latest to join London’s west-end theatre scene, housing a pop-up production of Theatre Delicatessen’s new concept Theatre Souk - essentially a series of different acts across the building highlighting London’s best emerging and experimental theatre-makers (a kind of souk for theatre – hence the name).

I’m still trying to find out a bit more about the show and to get some photos (I’m told it retains some of the old Uzbekistan Airways decor and the acts includes a man who repeatedly tumbles down the stairs – what’s not to like), but in the meantime, if you want to know more about how a theatre company comes to be using old airline offices for its production, here’s a video interview the Daily Telegraph did with Theatre Delicatessen artistic direction Roland Smith.


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