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Niki Lauda compares aviation and motor racing

Delegates at the Airline Business World Air Forum (WAF) in Cannes were today treated to a rare guest appearance from Niki Lauda, former racing driver and chief executive of flyNiki. Lauda seldom attends industry functions and a show of hands in the conference room revealed that only two WAF delegates have seen him present before. The […]

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VIDEOS: World Air Forum 2010

The editorial team has decamped to Cannes in the south of France for the Airline Business World Air Forum. Stay updated in real-time as managing editor Graham Dunn (@ABDunn) and features editor Victoria Moores (@VictoriaOnAir) tweet some key quotes from the conference. Also, check out our introductory video below and keep an eye on this […]

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The Last Chapter

Everyone loves insight into landmark merger deals — Jeff Smisek called Glenn Tilton on his birthday to talk about what now is United-Continental Holdings, the America West Cactus call sign remains as a symbol of the brand that faded with the US Airways merger. AirTran senior vice president marketing and planning Kevin Healy earlier this […]

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The Tao of Discipline

As US carriers post record third quarter profits JP Morgan analyst Jamie Baker is asking the chiefs of those airlines to philsophize about a term used generously by airlines executives — discipline. An underlying theme in some earnings discussions is another question — has the airline business model changed for good? That is, will carriers remain […]

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Republic’s Bedford on the front line

The episode of Republic Airways chief Bryan Bedford on Undercover Boss has just aired in the US – in which he works on the front line incognito for a week – for more details check out this blog from Flightglobal’s Will Horton here - if you have seen the programme we’d love to know what you […]

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Landmark airline events of the last 25 years: we want your views

What do you think are the landmark events that have helped shape the course of the airline industry over the last 25 years?

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JetBlue goes undercover

Fellow carriers be on notice — JetBlue is watching you. As part of its new “You Above All” marketing campaign debuting on October 15 features an online portion of hidden camera scenarios called “Ground Rules.”  Here’s what JetBlue has planned — The unscripted videos point out the shortcomings of much of the airline industry by […]

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Environmental shoe on the other foot over BBC flight cuts

Interesting story in UK daily paper The Guardian today about how BBC news is having to cutback travel plans after spending more than £100,000 on its coverage of the Chilean miners. These cuts include now planning to send just one person to cover the Cancun Climate Change summit later this year.

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The latest battleground for sky marshals – first class or coach?

Interesting piece in the WSJ from Scott McCartney about a row brewing in the US about where sky marshals sit onboard the aircraft – ie apparantly mostly up in the front rather than that at the back of the bus on security grounds.

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Norway and the long-haul, low-cost aspirations

It is almost a year since initial details first emerged of the ambitions of Norwegian start-up Feel Air and the touted long-haul project from Norwegian and it will be 2011 at the earliest before either take to the sky

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