Niki Lauda compares aviation and motor racing

niki_portrait_big.jpgDelegates at the Airline Business World Air Forum (WAF) in Cannes were today treated to a rare guest appearance from Niki Lauda, former racing driver and chief executive of flyNiki.

Lauda seldom attends industry functions and a show of hands in the conference room revealed that only two WAF delegates have seen him present before. The three-times Formula 1 champion flew in by business jet specially to present at the event.

But what do you ask such a charismatic character, with so many experiences under his belt?

How about quizzing him on which is more frightening – motor racing or trying to make a profit in the airline industry:

“Racing today is safe and can earn you a lot of money. Aviation is dangerous and can lose you a lot of money,” said the smiling entrepreneur before dashing back off to his waiting business jet.

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