SkyTeam, and Borussia Dortmund, decend on Paris

The SkyTeam board of governors were in Paris yesterday – along with what appeared to be more Borussia Dortmund fans than in Dortmund itself (the German side was playing Paris Saint Germain in a Europa League tie last night and had obviously decided what better place to meet up than under the Eiffel Tower).

SkyTeam10thAnniversary_1.jpgAnyway, yesterday’s meeting marked the last SkyTeam governors meeting of 2010 - the tenth year since its formation and a significant one given the acceleration in its recruitment drive. After the meeting (which I almost inadvertantly gatecrashed having arrived an hour early as I wondered about the hotel aimlessly) the alliance held a short press conference to provide an update on recent developments. The most recent of these is confirmation that Shanghai Airlines will be following its new partner China Eastern into SkyTeam next year and the soon to be finalised plan to bring Aerolineas Argentinas into the alliance. And chairman of the SkyTeam of the governing board, Leo van Wijk, sees this recruitment drive continuing over the coming months.

You can read more on where SkyTeam wants to plug the gaps here. 

Airline Business also recently held a cracking first Alliance, Joint Ventures and Partnership conference - and you could read some great content on the alliance picture from the event here.

The above picture by the way is from SkyTeam to celebrate their tenth anniversary - but can you match the airline with the cabin crew colours?  

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