Airline births, deaths and marriages over the last 25 years

As part of Airline Business 25th anniversary issue we’ve been going through the archives and trawling our memories to produce a births, deaths and marriages section for the airline industry over the last quarter century. You can read our story here about the changing world order complete with a list of high profile comings and goings over that period.

AB 25th logo.bmpWe think we managed to get most of the major ones -  but are there any big ones we missed? We’d love to hear from you on any others you think should be in there – one correspondent has already suggested Delta’s acquisition of Western Airlines and American’s acquisition of AirCal back in 1987, and more recently the merger between US Airways and America West in 2005. So I have put those ones in and welcome any other key mergers, births or airline failures from the last 25 years that should be in the list.

Catch up with all our 25th anniversary content, including our interactive timeline and reflections on the past quarter century and challenges ahead from 25 of the most influential airline figures who have helped shape the industry, at our special anniversary home page here

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