New livery but the same ‘F’ in Finnair

Perhaps it’s coincidence that the publicity pictures accompanying Finnair’s livery overhaul all show its aircraft from the left-hand side, but I suspect a bit of visual spin.


When Finnair last repainted its fleet, and started featuring a stylised ‘F’ on the vertical fin, it quickly became apparent that the design wouldn’t easily work on both sides.


Finnair awkwardly chose to preserve the symmetry and reverse the ‘F’ on the starboard, a decision which didn’t go down well in all camps. Even then-chief executive Keijo Suila, when questioned about the backwards ‘F’, quietly admitted to me that he wasn’t exactly a fan.


Like it or hate it, the ‘F’ logo hasn’t been pulled over by the livery police. And much of the general chat in the spotter community suggests that, with the new colour scheme, more visual identity offences might have to be taken into consideration.




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