I’m packing my bags – at the terminal!

A trip through Berlin’s Schonefeld Airport last week showed me how much the baggage charging culture has changed the way people think about their packing.

Firstly, while many undoubtedly think about the number of bags to be checked in, as this equals dollars, pounds or euros, the issue of weight has still to be tackled if what I saw was any guide.

Bags changes.JPGBasically, bag repacking is now a common sight in the terminal. This group of girls were busy swapping kit around to share out their weight. I overheard one thanking the others for telling her about the weight issue and for helping her save some cash.

Loads of people in groups at Berlin’s easyJet terminal were redistributing their belongings between themselves to not fall foul of extra weight fees and I am sure this is now commonplace not ony across Europe but in the USA too.

It’s not a very savoury sight, unless of course you get a thrill from observing people’s smalls going from one case to another, but needs must.

Secondly, how do you know you are going to be stung until you plop your offending brick on the scales? There are those funny portable weight scales or you can struggle onto your home scales with your bag and calculate the weight minus your body weight.

Berlin has the answer: a weighing machine of course. Cost for one weigh – €1. Cost for two – €2. The world has gone a bit mad hasn’t it.

bag weighing.JPGMy advice is don’t pay this, find an unattended check-in desk and weigh your bag for free on the digital scales.

See my earlier blog for an update on Berlin’s new airport, scheduled to open in June 2012.

And on the packing and baggage theme, I found this amusing Top 10 packing and baggage disasters list on Independent Traveller’s website.


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