5 Minute Capital

CIT has launched a podcast series dubbed 5 Minute Capital featuring company execs commenting on current markets and trends.

In this addition CIT President of Transportation Finance Jeffrey Knittel shares some insight gleaned from the company’s 2011 Global Aerospace Outlook .

clock.bmpKnittel sits down with Stuart Feil, Editoral Director of Forbes Insights, to talk about what lies ahead this year.

For a teaser here’s Knittel’s take on some of the divergent trends in US, European and emerging markets.

The airlines in the western world are under much more pressure to control costs. You have legacy airlines that are looking at consolidation today. The Delta/Northwest merger, the Continental/United merger, and now we’re seeing, even in the low-cost world, the Southwest and Air Tran mergers coming about. That’s all a way helping on the revenue side, but, more important driving down costs by becoming more efficient. As they have a bigger system they have more levers to pull to drive down those costs and ultimately increase profitability and shareholder value.

The podcast is available here — www.5minutecapital.com 

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