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Day in Doha

I’ve been going to Qatar’s capital city regularly for over a decade now, and it never ceases to amaze me how this “aerotropolis” changes each time I step off the plane. During a lightning visit to Doha to interview Qatar Airways boss Akbar Al Baker, I managed to find an hour to finally pay a […]

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Carolyn McCall Easyjet

EasyJet’s McCall expects airlines to be more brutal on failing routes

You will see us being much more brutal about what routes work and what routes don’t

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How the Internet makes a world of difference III

EgyptAir’s wayward route map may have picked up some attention in the last few days but we came across it last August* when we pointed out other examples of questionable geography. The Israeli press is bemoaning the airbrushing of Tel Aviv – not really a great surprise, although it’s led to some eccentric interpretations. It’s the placing of Damascus a long […]

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Gary Kelly talks about sticking to point to point and AirTran Integration

Southwest cheif exectuive Gary Kelly was insightful on a wide range of issues at the JP Morgan Aviation, Transportation and Defense conference today.  Here’s his take — in his own words — about evolving to capture more passengers while sticking to the point-to-point basics. Be sure to also read his take on the AirTran integration. […]

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Talking airline distribution: video, analysis and debate

It has been a busy couple of months for Airline Business and the world of distribution. At the start of the month we held our annual Innovation in Airline Business conference, this year held in central London, and much of the debate focused on what next for the industry following American Airlines bold challenge in the industry through the Direct Connect concept.

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boeing prop.JPG

Specially for the propfan fans…

You can rely on a new aircraft concept to make aviation pulses step up a gear, and so here’s the latest from the quiet-enviro-propfan patent shed, courtesy of Boeing. If you want to read the full blurb then you can find it here, but the highlights include a forward-swept wing – which could be greater […]

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BA Concorde Machmeter up for sale

Unless you’ve room in your house for an Olympus 593 or a functioning ‘droop snoot’ then, as far as Concorde paraphernalia goes, you can’t really beat a genuine Machmeter. Of course, with a fleet of only 20 aircraft there aren’t many kicking around. But if you’re really determined to have a pretty exclusive bit of kit on […]

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Japanese crisis: that nuclear warning in full

Yesterday’s nuclear emergency message concerning the possibility of radiation contamination across Japanese and local flight information regions appears to have generated doubt over its authenticity and a few conspiracy theories that it’s a put-up by environmental lobbyists. That’s because the source is given as the London Volcanic Ash Advisory Centre – which might seem a […]

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Thumbnail image for United continental fleet.JPG

United’s fleet cuts

Prior to United-Continental’s chief hinting 737-500s and 767-200ERs might be cut due to spiking fuel costs, we did our own analysis of the carrier’s fleet. Below is a terrific chart our data team put together grouping the carrier’s fleet into age bands and some commentary. United-Continental could remove a range of aircraft to trim capacityLori Ranson, Washington DC […]

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No nose-gear? Thunderbirds are go…

Where else but an episode of puppet-and-pyrotechnics fest Thunderbirds would you see rescue vehicles specifically designed to catch an aircraft with a failed landing-gear? In the unlikely confines of the European intellectual property database, perhaps, where a patent document filed in Chinese gives the basic details of a “big scale passenger bus front landing device”, which is […]

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