@ABPub Travelogue Part 1: Airline Business is much, much better than Wallpaper*

Now I would say that wouldn’t I, after all I am the publisher and former editor of Airline Business, that 25-year-old “strategy for airline boardrooms worldwide” mag and brand.

ABvWallpaper_resized.JPGI’m referring to a reading comparison between Airline Business and uber-trendy design mag Wallpaper* (note the important and pretentious asterisk). I grabbed a freebie copy of Wallpaper* to get up to speed with the latest cool on this Virgin Atlantic Airbus A340-300 flight from Heathrow to Washington DC.

However, after wading through pages of brand ads (publisher’s note: lovely revenue) I skimmed the rest of the mag in a heartbeat. Nothing caused me pause.

Now for Airline Business: OK, I am into airline strategy yawn, yawn, but what’s not to love about new editor Max Kingsley-Jones interviewing Willie Walsh, Mary Kirby doing her Runway Girl grill over viral videos and features editor Victoria Moores connecting in no uncertain terms with the “disconnect” between network and low-cost carriers: Great stuff.


Now back to the Travelogue

On this trip to the USA I am taking in 6 airports, eight flights with four airlines and three hotels. My middle destination is our very own Network USA route planning (speed-dating for airlines and airports) event in Austin, Texas.

First tick in the box goes to Virgin, who sent me a text which I got in the taxi to the airport telling me of 0% commission on money exchange with Amex. Perfect timing Virgin and I took you up on the offer. Now that’s mobile comms really working (note to Virgin: an upgrade text soon after would have been cool too!)

Heathrow T3 was crowded full of course. It’s far too small and the emerging metalwork that is Terminal East taking shape on the old T2 site will not come a moment too soon to give this old airport more square feet of floor space.

Nothing else to report of note at Heathrow, except that I was tempted by a big offer at the Harrods shop: a 6ft Rodney Bear – resplendent in his classic Harrods green uniform – was down from £1,900 (Knightsbridge store price) to just £1651.21.

Rodney_resized.JPGIf it wasn’t for the fact that I didn’t have a ticket for Rodders I would of course have taken the plunge and brought him with me.

Now I’m off to watch the latest True Grit remake movie. This A340-300 doesn’t have AVOD so my choices are relatively limited.

Note to self – make sure Virgin flights are A340-600 variety, which does have super-duper AVOD. Bye for now.

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