No nose-gear? Thunderbirds are go…

Where else but an episode of puppet-and-pyrotechnics fest Thunderbirds would you see rescue vehicles specifically designed to catch an aircraft with a failed landing-gear?

In the unlikely confines of the European intellectual property database, perhaps, where a patent document filed in Chinese gives the basic details of a “big scale passenger bus front landing device”, which is “capable of replacing amiss front undercarriage for airbus”.

truck.JPGThe diagram shows a truck with a semicircular structure, presumably capable of supporting a fuselage, and a cab from which some hapless, possibly expendable, driver is expected to try outrunning a landing aircraft with a stuck nose-wheel. Good luck with that, by the way.

Beyond a brief mention of ’737-700′ in the text, there’s precious little other detail. Certainly nothing about carting it around in a huge green hovering transporter with tiny wings and an interchangeable pod, more’s the pity…


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