IATA11: how the airport security checkpoint of the future could change

IATA daily day 2.jpgInteresting insight from IATA during their recent annual general meeting on how new technologies could revolutionise the future security checkpoint experience at airports. There was a demo on show in Singapore of the concept, which basically would involving filtering passengers into different security tunnels by using the data already collected by government agencies and used to today, and through a scheme by which passengers could opt to provide more information up front, to enable them to go through a known traveller tunnel. The aim is to focus security resources where they are most needed, while smoothing the travel experience for passengers at the airport

We did a piece on this in the Airline Business daily paper from the AGM – check it out here.


The impact of security at the airport on the air travel experience is an increasing issue for airlines, and something we looked at in the last issue of Airline Business. To read more about its impact, check out the following article.



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