The only (other) way to travel?

I spent my two-week August break cruising across the Med at an altitude of around 100ft (amsl) at a speed of 21.5kt on board Cunard’s latest piece of hardware – the Queen Elizabeth.

Cunard Queen Elizabeth

“Getting there is half the fun” was Cunard’s slogan back in the 1960s, as the dawn of the jet age threatened to bring the curtain down on the era of the transatlantic liner. Four decades on that adage still applies, with the addition of: “…and travel without the hassle too”! And there’s a lie-flat bed for every passenger (pictured below)!

Cunard Queen Elizabeth Lido deck

The great thing about a ship-borne family hol is that it starts just moments after arriving at the port. That endless queuing for long-term car park buses, check-in, security, boarding, baggage, taxis, hotel check-in etc is pretty much non-existent. It’s a case of turn up, get on board and start holidaying – even before you’ve left the port!

Perhaps that’s why the liner has enjoyed such a huge renaissance, and why we should not be surprised that those ’60s rumours of its demise were greatly exaggerated!

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