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Quick numbers

If you’re wondering how the US carriers did on unit revenue performance basis here’s quick rundown of the four majors and two large LCCs. I didn’t list Southwest, since there was a lot of AirTran noise in its quaterly results.  For your reference or a quick refresher — Foundations of Airline Finance authored by Bijan Vasigh, […]

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American, labor and a number toss

I won’t go into the details of the recent frenzy of speculation over a potential Chapter 11 filing by American Airlines. Many with an intellect far broader than mine have weighed in on the odds since AMR’s stock plunge on October 3.   What is interesting is managment’s dialogue regarding a new push for “transformational” […]

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Starring Gerard Depardieu: Le Dernier Toilette (The Last Toilet)

If Ryanair are genuine about their plans to install another six seats in some of their Boeing 737s flying the shortest routes by removing two of the three toilets, passenger’s tickets may go down by as much as 5% according to Ryanair chief Michael O’Leary. Yet these plans may never amount to anything more than […]

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Rugby crazy airline chiefs

I don’t know whether there it’s been by design or coincidence that in my time on Airline Business most of the airline chief executives and other industry bigwigs I have been dispatched to interview seem to be similarly enthusiastic about rugby to me.  Aside from general discussion about the world cup, I’ve recently learned interesting […]

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