Word up: Tyler’s change in tone at IATA

IATA held its annual global media day yesterday in Geneva, its first under the leadership of former Cathay Pacific boss Tony Tyler. There has been a shfit in tone at IATA since long-time director general Giovanni Bisignani stepped down in the summer. Bisginani did much to transfrom IATA and in the process became known for “shouting politely” at governments, regulators and suppliers as he pressed airlines’ case. But Tyler, evident in recent addresses to airports and regional airline bodies, is keen to stress the importance of co-operation.

“In the spirit of looking at the industry from a holistic perspective, you might have noticed that I have been emphasising the need for co-operation among industry players,” he said in his opening address at the global media day. “I plan to keep up our good co-operation with the regional airline associations and to enhance our co-operation with those representing our partners in the value chain.

“This is not a new concept. Co-operation is behind the industry’s superb record on safety and it is guiding our approach to climate change as well. I will certainly be a forceful advocate for airlines when that is needed – with our partners in the value chain and with governments.”

You can read much more about the changing tone at IATA with this interview Airline Business did with the IATA director general during ALTA Airline Leaders forum last month. Read it here.

But for something less scientific, but a bit more colouful, judge the change in tone for yourself with these two word-clouds – one representing Tyler’s speech to journalists yesterday and the other from Giovanni Bisignani to the same audience a year ago. Aptly enough, while co-operation may not be the biggest of the words, it is pretty much centre stage in Tyler’s word-cloud – but absent (as far as I can tell) from the word-cloud of Bisignani’s speech a year ago.

Tony Tyler speech: 7 December 2011

Tony Tyler wordle.pngGiovanni Bisignani speech: 14 December 2010

Bisignani wordle.png


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