Weight of the world

With weight savings on aircraft an important issue at the moment due to the current high fuel prices, Rolls-Royce has calculated that if every passenger lost 1kg in weight, it would save the airline industry a total of approximately $1 billion per year in fuel costs.

Yet a report published in the journal BMC Public Health entitled The weight of nations: an estimation of adult human biomass, suggests our figures are heading in the other direction. 

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Expect Michael O’Leary to dust down Ryanair’s press release of a few years ago in which the airline alleged to have been musing over charging obese passengers a fat tax. 

The low-budget carrier claimed it was contemplating enforcing charges if passengers weighed over 130kg/20 st (male) and 100kg/15 st (females), while if their waists touched both armrests, they could have faced charges for a second seat.

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