By the low-cost book

In his cover interview with Airline Business, Wizz Air chief
executive József Váradi explains how he believes adherence to the low-cost rulebook
has been crucial to the rapid rise of the airline and feels this strategy will
help it gain further ground in the current economic climate. 

He says some of
this expansion will be in Europe’s periphery and to the East of the continent.

As one would expect he is in favour of a liberalised environment
where airlines can compete freely and does not believe a national airline is
necessary to create infrastructure or boost a country’s economy. As a result he feels that the end of
loss-making state carriers propped up by governments is inevitable.

Váradi also sees a distinction between what he describes as “ULCCs”,
ultra-low-cost carriers, a category which in which he places Wizz Air; and
LLCCs, lazy-low- cost carriers, that have lost their original focus and are “diverting
from the basic fundamentals of being really low-cost”.

To read the full interview click here.


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