Not quite the gourmet

Speaking to Temel Kotil, it’s easy to assume he harbours a passion
for cooking given the amount of references to food preparation and food quality
which he drops into conversation.

He describes alliance strategy as mixing together
ingredients in a recipe, while challenges faced by his airline are “adding
spices” to its diet.

Turkish picnic.jpg

He is also keen to expand the number of Flying Chefs on board
Turkish Airlines
services, who are trained in food preparation and service, and
continue cooking the food on board.

Yet in reality his culinary enthusiasm is simply an airline
chief executive’s clever pragmatism, using a subject familiar to everybody to
reach “common ground”. He also views food quality as a cost-efficient way to
make his airline’s customer service stand out against its competitors.

 ”I don’t have time
for cooking and my wife doesn’t allow me to cook, because she is a great cook,”
he says.

In fact, Kotil says that he has not really done much cooking
since his salad days as a student, with the notable exception of Turkish
staff picnics, for which he helps prepare food for the carrier’s

turkish picnic 2.jpg

To hear how Kotil is convinced Turkish Airlines’ rapid rise can be sustained to the summit of the aviation industry as it makes the most of its location on the crossroads of Europe, the Middle East, Asia and Africa; including video interviews visit:

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