Delta’s Memphis in maps

Delta Air Lines will cut 12 destinations and about 30 flights from Memphis International this September, as it de-hubs the former Northwest Airlines stronghold.

Gone are flights to Baton Rouge, Fayetteville/Northwest Arkansas, Fort Lauderdale, Jackson, Knoxville, Little Rock, Oklahoma City, Omaha, Phoenix, St. Louis, Shreveport and Tulsa by 3 September. Remaining are 27 cities and 64 flights on peak days that include hubs, focus cities and some large business and leisure destinations around the country.

But this is a story best told in maps.

Delta routes from Memphis after 3 September.


Delta and Innovata FlightMaps Analytics

Delta’s Memphis routes this August.


Innovata FlightMaps Analytics

Finally, Delta and Northwest Airlines in Memphis during the latter’s last full month of operations (excluding Northwest’s nonstop to Amsterdam), January 2010.



What a difference three years makes.

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