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Premiership footballers are so normal they might fly easyJet

‘It is refreshing that a club like ours has done well,” says Moyes. “We are different, we might still get on Easyjet like the average man would do.”

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Wake up and smell the airline

UK budget carrier EasyJet will from next month start serving Starbuck’s coffee onboard selected flights

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Jetblue online ads prompt ire of NBAA

The campaign has certainly succeeded in getting attention since launching last month

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Cabin interiors and connectivity world meets in Hamburg

Probably heading the news during the show was communications specialist T-Mobile and VT Miltope, ViaSat and TriaGnoSys formally teaming to offer a Ku-band satellite broadband and GSM telephony service for air transport.

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Can Kevin Spacey boost flagging business travel demand?

American Airlines launches new ad campaign featuring Kevin Spacey

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Southwest gets the community spirit

Southwest launches new online community

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IATA to revise 2009 industry loss forecast next week

“Our last industry forecast made in December was for a $2.5 billion loss in 2009 based on a 3% fall in passenger demand and a 5% drop in cargo. This is now looking very optimistic”

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Aer Lingus WAS behind strip-off stunt

Aer Lingus was behind naked publicity stunt

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US Airways accidentally ships human corpse to pet shop

US Airways accidentally ships corpse to pet shop

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Get naked for a free flight

Airline seeks 999 nude models to publicise new flights

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