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Red tape aids Air Astana’s fortunes

Kazakh carrier Air Astana has found an unlikely driver for first quarter profitability – red tape. In an interview with The Bangkok Post, Air Astana chief executive Peter Foster says legal, tax and bureaucratic constraints thwarted the airline’s attempts to secure fuel hedges. This unlikely saviour helped Air Astana avoid a damaging financial hit.  Instead the airline swung from a […]

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Clickair innovates with new fare lock function

Just when it seemed like all obvious ancillary revenue streams were nearing exhaustion, Spanish budget carrier Clickair has come up with a new cash-generating innovation. It has introduced a new Internet booking feature, giving passengers the option of paying a €2 ($2.70) fee to lock their chosen fare for 24 hours, or €5 to guarantee it for up to 72 hours. […]

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Premiership footballers are so normal they might fly easyJet

‘It is refreshing that a club like ours has done well,” says Moyes. “We are different, we might still get on Easyjet like the average man would do.”

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Wake up and smell the airline

UK budget carrier EasyJet will from next month start serving Starbuck’s coffee onboard selected flights

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Jetblue online ads prompt ire of NBAA

The campaign has certainly succeeded in getting attention since launching last month

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Cabin interiors and connectivity world meets in Hamburg

Probably heading the news during the show was communications specialist T-Mobile and VT Miltope, ViaSat and TriaGnoSys formally teaming to offer a Ku-band satellite broadband and GSM telephony service for air transport.

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Can Kevin Spacey boost flagging business travel demand?

American Airlines launches new ad campaign featuring Kevin Spacey

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Southwest gets the community spirit

Southwest launches new online community

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IATA to revise 2009 industry loss forecast next week

“Our last industry forecast made in December was for a $2.5 billion loss in 2009 based on a 3% fall in passenger demand and a 5% drop in cargo. This is now looking very optimistic”

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Aer Lingus WAS behind strip-off stunt

Aer Lingus was behind naked publicity stunt

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