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Another rugby crazy airline chief

With Harlequins and Manchester City both in pole position in the England’s rugby and football premierships, Etihad Airways’ sports sponsorship investments look to be very prudent. While Manchester City, owned by an Abu Dhabi-based oil magnate, was already rising to prominence and is a natural fit with the Abu Dhabi-based carrier, the reasons behind the […]

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Liberté, égalité, fraternité and Air France-KLM

Like his predecessors, newly-elected French president Francois Hollande has the right to free business-class travel on Air France-KLM flights. However the durability of this arrangement could be tested not only by Hollande’s unwillingness as a socialist to be seen as exploiting the privileges of his office, but by his level of interference with the group’s […]

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Latest Panasonic technology shows Minority Report-style gesture control to be old news

With interiorsinnovations seemingly having gone as far as is currently possible in creatingmore cabin space through redesigning physical fittings such as storage lockersand seating, it appears the only way to increase it further is virtually.A research and design demonstration from Panasonic demonstrating thepossibilities offered by integrating, eye tracking, gesture control and voicecommand into an IFEinterface, shows the […]

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“Ladyboys” provide marketing boost for new Thai carrier

A new Thai low-cost carrier is set to “fascinate and confuse” the likes of Alan Partridge by hiring four transsexual flight attendants.  Start-up PC Air, whose debut flight took between Bangkok and Surat Thani in Thailand in December, has gained publicity through awarding some cabin crew positions to “ladyboys”, after receiving more than 100 candidatures […]

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Snakes on a Plane

Iberia must be grateful not to need the services of Samuel L Jackson after airport workers at Buenos Aires airport in Argentina discovered hundreds of poisonous snakes and endangered reptiles inside the baggage of a passenger trying to board a flight to Madrid. They discovered 247 lizards, snakes, spiders and snails from Central and South America […]

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Ryanair taught a valuable lesson?

Ryanair has used a cartoon image of Italian prime minister Silvio Berlusconi on its Italian website to promote its services. The cartoon Berlusconi is picture clutching a copy of Ryanair’s 2012 calendar featuring a picture of some of its air hostesses wearing bikinis with the message: “Dear Silvio, another chance to escape with Ryanair”. Ryanair […]

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More rugby crazy airline chiefs

Talking to more airline chief executives at the Airline Business World Air Forum it emerged that Nico Bezuidenhout of Mango and Peter Davies of Air Malta are also keen followers of the oval ball game. During his playing days as a number 8 for Twickenham rugby club, Davies even lined up against the All-Blacks! In […]

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Starring Gerard Depardieu: Le Dernier Toilette (The Last Toilet)

If Ryanair are genuine about their plans to install another six seats in some of their Boeing 737s flying the shortest routes by removing two of the three toilets, passenger’s tickets may go down by as much as 5% according to Ryanair chief Michael O’Leary. Yet these plans may never amount to anything more than […]

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Rugby crazy airline chiefs

I don’t know whether there it’s been by design or coincidence that in my time on Airline Business most of the airline chief executives and other industry bigwigs I have been dispatched to interview seem to be similarly enthusiastic about rugby to me.  Aside from general discussion about the world cup, I’ve recently learned interesting […]

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Depardieu finds Armavia willing to accommodate his needs

Armenian airline Armavia has given an able demonstration of how to turn crisis into opportunity by using Gerard Depardieu’s most recent controversy about a CityJet flight to Dublin to promote its own services. In a television commercial a hostess for the airline enquires whether the French actor is okay, to which he replies: “Everything is […]

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