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Rights, wrongs and left passengers

The airline passenger bill of rights is what’s caught the imagination, as several very powerful members of Congress, from the chairman of the House Aviation Subcommittee to a pair of senators, one Democratic and one Republican and one from California and one from the state of Maine, to various outraged and angered members of congress, […]

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American’s Gotham Goals

American moves deeper JetBlue, Continental turf in New York City expansion

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JetBlue sings the blues

And he thought the ice storm was bad….Stuff keeps falling on JetBlue chief Dave Neeleman’s head and he keeps apologising. Perhaps rightly so, after an operational foul up during a snow and ice storm stranded dozens of JetBlue planes on its New York JFK tarmac for as long as 10 hours, outraging 130,000 passengers and […]

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Maxjet still fighting

Maxjet Airways has had a rocky few months, with a change of chief executives and a route cancellation, but the all-business class start-up is confident it can fight off a new wave of competitors. Last week Maxjet’s newly revamped management team was in London, promoting its product to the press. A new sale, with one-way […]

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Smoke, fire and leveraged buy-outs: that American Airlines/British Airways merger

British Airways seeks to buy AMR, the parent company of American Airlines, say rumours. But is there any truth to it?

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Ageing pilots, clever administrators

You gotta’ admire Marion Blakey, the FAA chief in the U.S. of A. She’s always been what the call a ‘steel magnolia’, all Southern charm beneath which lies a mind like a steel trap and a firm personality that takes no gruff from nobody. She wended her way to the National Press Club in Washington […]

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It’s cheaper to land at Vancouver

The bigger and heavier you are (or at least, the aircraft you are operating) the greater the savings you are going to make from Vancouver International Airport Authority’s decision to cut landing fees for international passenger and cargo flights to match charges for domestic services. Vancouver is bucking the general trend of airport fee increases, […]

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Merger madness: US Airways’ sobering withdrawal

‘Coincidence? You be the judge’, the announcer would boom in conspiratorial tones on the radio ortelevision programs heralding the latest unidentified flying objected or other phenomenon.Two flash headlines from the other day brought this to mind: ‘US Airways Ordered to Stop Serving Alcoholic Drinks’ and US Airways Withdraws Bid for Delta’. Not to put too […]

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The pursuit of Delta: US Airways falters

Going? Gone? The US Airways hostile pursuit of Delta Air Lines seems to be losing altitude. Chief executive Doug Parker said on a conference call that US Airways would drop its $10 billion bid for Atlanta-based Delta on 1 February if the Delta creditors committee does not move to force the bankrupt carrier’s executives into […]

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Power and prerogative: US Airways’ hard day on Capitol Hill

US Airways chairman Doug Parker may well be glad that the Senate doesn’t get to decide airline mergers, given the buzz-saw of hostility that Parker ran into in defending his $10-billion unsolicited bid for Delta Air Lines. It’s easy to stack a congressional panel for or against whatever pleases or displeases a committee chair, given […]

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