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Zooming in on longer flights, lower fares

Zoom, the Canadian-flag carrier offering low fares across the North Atlantic to the UK and to Paris, may be going south: it has told US regulators that it wants to bring its brand of discount service to the UK-US market, which it intends to do through a UK-based subsidiary it set up in 2006. Zoom […]

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No crumbling cookie: Delta opens China bid early

You can never be too early. That’s the belief at Delta, which has applied for an international route right that won’t come up for competition until late in the year. It’s a route to China, and Delta, still steamed that it couldn’t join in the competition for a China route that just ended with a […]

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AMR at the top: American Airlines Profit Stunner

The world’s largest airline posted the US industry’s biggest financial turnaround yet. American Airlines’ corporate parent AMR Corp. said it earned a fourth-quarter profit and an annual net, in sharp and welcome contrast to losses in the 2005 quarter and full year. In fact, the results reflect the airline’s first fourth-quarter and full-year profits since […]

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Between the Rockies and a cold place: blizzards blast Denver carriers

DENVER – It isn’t real till you’ve seen it. The snowstorms that blasted the Rocky Mountains and Denver between Christmas and New Year made headline news after some 4,000 flyers were stranded in Denver’s decade-old airport for as long as 45 hours, but not just because it was a slow news period, writes Americas Editor […]

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Einstein’s revenge, or Delta fights back unsolicited suitor US Airways

Weeks after an unsolicited suitor showed up at its door uninvited, bearing a wedding proposal and about $9 billion in hand, Delta has recovered from its shock and begun fighting back. US Airways, the suitor with the hot eye and heavy hand of cash, had gained some strong press with a well designed and very […]

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Christmas spirit reappears at Sea-Tac

A dozen Christmas trees are today hastily being put back up at Seattle-Tacoma Airport after being taken down last week under threat of a federal lawsuit. Rabbi Elazar Bogomilsky had threatened to sue the airport after complaining that the decorations did not include a Jewish menorah. He had written to ask the airport to add […]

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IATA takes another state to court over airport fees

The world’s airline association IATA has carried out its threat to take the Argentinian government to court over the charging structure proposed for the country’s airport operator AA2000. This dispute particularly involves the country’s main gateway Buenos Aires airport and is being supported by ALTA, the Latin American Airline Association.The move is the third time […]

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Hola Cancun! Welcome to the world of airport queues

Being popular is great. But popularity brings its own problems – chief amongst them for airports is queues. And Cancun this weekend showed why it is a victim of its own success. A flood of humanity was departing the soft sands and bright lights of this Mexican playground for visitors from North America, and Cancun […]

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Cancun inspires the Dubai feeling

Cancun, Mexico’s fast growing tourist mecca, is half a world away from the development miracle of Dubai but they have a similar buzz: the buzz of commerce, construction and fun.The Airline Business team are here in Cancun publishing a daily newspaper at the Latin American Airline Leaders Forum. Driving from the airport – an efficient […]

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Caribbean Airlines blog 2: mottos and retail therapy

Caribbean Airlines chief exec Peter Davies is drawing inspiration for himself and his staff in the run up to launching the new carrier in the New Year from an old British railway company motto: “The passenger is our business, not an interruption to our service”, was used by a rail provider in 1930s, explains Davies.The transfer […]

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