Reinvention by necessity

It may not have been exactly unexpected but the news that Mesaba Airlines, a Northwest Airlink feeder, had gone into Chapter 11 bankruptcy certainly tells a sorry tale. It had been almost entirely dependent on Northwest for its revenue, and since Northwest went into its own Chapter 11 on 14 September and withheld about $30 […]

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Chancing an arm

Southwest is gambling on someone else’s website. The low-cost king, which helps keep costs low by strictly limiting how and where it distributes seats, is for the first time selling travel packages on a website it doesn’t control. It signed a deal with to sell packages for air fares and hotel rooms in the […]

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Gas Attack II: Bye-bye, beaches

US gas pains are cramping airlines nationwide. American says fuel costs will force it to cancel about 1% of its flights, maybe 15 daily roundtrips from its O’Hare and DFW hubs, through January, while its Eagle subsidiary is pulling down some 550 ‘light load’ flights this month alone to save in fuel; Delta just tried […]

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Demise of the 50-seat regional jet

Jackie Thompson writes: Aircraft manufacturers at the recent ERA general assembly in Gothenburg were surprisingly unanimous about one thing – the expected demise of the market for the 50-seat regional jet. They agreed that over shorter stage lengths of around 200nm, the 50-seater is losing popularity as it becomes economically unviable due to eye-watering fuel […]

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That other luxury airline

Eos, the all first-class super luxury challenger in the New York/London market, may be winning headlines with its 18 October launch, but its rival, MAXjet Airways, is sticking to its schedule to begin service 1 November on that route. MAXjet, started by industry veterans including Shepherd System travel-services founder Mike Malik, plans a slightly less […]

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More at Midway?

ATA Airlines, known as American Trans Air before it went into bankruptcy and took on Southwest as a code-share partner, says it will pull down some major routes from Chicago Midway to boost cash flow. Southwest is hungry for Midway growth, and these moves could open gates and doors. What’s interesting is that when Southwest […]

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Down. Out?

  Southwest’s move to move its Seattle operations out of the big SeaTac International airport and into tiny Boeing field (officially King County airport) has been the talk of the towns – both Seattle and Tacoma – since summer but now it is back to square one or at least to the big terminal. The […]

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And now it’s three

Facing wage and work-rule concessions demanded by the bosses at bankrupt Northwest Airlines, the airline’s flight attendants face another dilemma. The nation’s major union for the trade, the Association of Flight Attendants, has been trying to bump the local and in-house Professional Flight Attendants Association as the union for the 10,000 cabin crew, but now, […]

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Gas setback

Delta has quietly cancelled its plan to cancel selected off-peak flights that have light loads as a tactic to save on the fuel that’s been harder to get since the hurricanes hobbled oil refineries in Delta’s southeastern home territory. The airline says fuel supplies are reliable again, if reliably expensive; cynics say that the plan […]

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Right size

Sometimes when airlines downsize or shrink they call it ‘right-sizing’. But a big move by jetBlue with its new smaller airplanes may be just the right way to use phrase. The low-cost leader has come out with the first routes for its Embraer E-190s and these are no small plans for the small planes. The […]

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