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Flightglobal celebrates 12th Airline Strategy Awards

Airline Strategy Awards

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BA A380: Thatcher would have (probably) approved

If you think the British Airways Airbus A380 looks resplendent in its new livery, you probably ought to thank, at least in part, the late former prime minister Margaret Thatcher. Thatcher openly disapproved of BA’s bold decision to abandon its Union flag colours in favour of a multitude of ethnic designs intended to reflect its global […]

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Kingdom’s prince gives up Airbus’s queen

If Saudi prince Alwaleed bin Talal has truly sold his VIP Airbus A380, ordered in late 2007, it won’t come as a surprise to anyone paying close attention at last year’s Farnborough air show. Because Airbus’s demonstrator aircraft, MSN4, arrived at the show with a subtle amendment to the customer list on its fuselage – […]

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From Flight to facepalm

So which muppet managed to write an inadvertent howler in the opening line of this Germanwings story, only for some wise-guy to send it to a BBC comedy quiz? (Listen to the clip here, if you must)

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Amman (For All Seasons)…

…really ought to be the name of Jordan’s new year-round unified time zone after the country’s government, in a fantastic demonstration of impulsive decision-making, gave everyone two days’ notice that it’s cancelling winter, at least chronologically. Jordanian standard time is two hours ahead of UTC but, instead of reverting back to this time zone on 26 […]

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When selling VC10s was a core business

Whatever price Middle East Airlines negotiated for those newly-ordered Airbus A320neos, it probably didn’t involve part-payment in fruit. Which wasn’t the case in 1966 when BAC was desperately trying to flog a batch of Super VC10s to MEA in a bid to attract sales from other overseas customers – even Czechoslovakia. “If…we lose the Middle […]

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“Ladyboys” provide marketing boost for new Thai carrier

A new Thai low-cost carrier is set to “fascinate and confuse” the likes of Alan Partridge by hiring four transsexual flight attendants.  Start-up PC Air, whose debut flight took between Bangkok and Surat Thani in Thailand in December, has gained publicity through awarding some cabin crew positions to “ladyboys”, after receiving more than 100 candidatures […]

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Snakes on a Plane

Iberia must be grateful not to need the services of Samuel L Jackson after airport workers at Buenos Aires airport in Argentina discovered hundreds of poisonous snakes and endangered reptiles inside the baggage of a passenger trying to board a flight to Madrid. They discovered 247 lizards, snakes, spiders and snails from Central and South America […]

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Malaysian carriers go home and away with QPR

Interesting deployment of dual brand management from low-cost carrier guru Tony Fernandes now he has a foot in both airline camps following the ground-breaking tie-up between AirAsia and network carrier Malaysian Airlines.

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Depardieu finds Armavia willing to accommodate his needs

Armenian airline Armavia has given an able demonstration of how to turn crisis into opportunity by using Gerard Depardieu’s most recent controversy about a CityJet flight to Dublin to promote its own services. In a television commercial a hostess for the airline enquires whether the French actor is okay, to which he replies: “Everything is […]

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