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All in the name for Etihad and Man City

In many ways Manchester City and Etihad have mirroring ambitions, as both have been more recent arrivals to the top table

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LOT 787.jpg

LOT 787 model shows new paint scheme

Fresh from its appearance at the Paris air show, the Boeing 787 has arrived in Warsaw, the home base of Polish flag-carrier LOT - one of the first European operators to sign up for the twinjet. Plenty of images of its arrival on the Gazeta Wyborcza website, although possibly the most interesting – featuring a different […]

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About that Indian super-dense A380 rival…

We’ve all been there. One misheard quote and suddenly your journalistic creativity runs riot while your common-sense filter is out on a tea-break. Even on a publication as venerable as The Times of India. Can’t say I was at the press conference, but a quick check of other Indian papers suggests minister Ashwani Kumar actually said […]

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How not to make an A380 assembly video

Korean Air might want to pick up a couple of tips from Emirates on the art of creating a polished Airbus A380 advertisement. The Seoul-based airline, which took delivery of its first A380 in May, has its own promotional video showing the aircraft being put together in time-lapse footage.   But wait a second… Korean […]

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Emirates advert builds an A380 in 30 seconds

Emirates might already have 90 Airbus A380s on order but it built a 91st – or at least gave a computer-enhanced impression that it had – on a film set in South Africa, to promote the economic benefits of the Dubai-based carrier’s fleet programme. In a 30-second advertisement actor Maxim Deluc, playing a flight attendant, […]

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EBACE 2011: Aircraft model builder heaven

The build-up at Geneva’s EBACE show features some of the world’s largest aircraft model kits

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Avoid turbulence by consulting the stars

Can’t recall a more imaginative way of detecting turbulence than this one, which suggests using astronomical observations to pinpoint areas of rough air. The patent document, which lists Boeing as an applicant, describes a method of capturing images of celestial features – lunar craters, sunspots, or stars – using cameras mounted on a platform, such […]

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Who’s selling those 777s? Giza clue…

If the unnamed carrier mentioned in a Flight International advertisement this week was hoping for anonymity then it probably should have checked the small print. The advertisement covers the auction of five Boeing 777-200ERs, all with Pratt & Whitney PW4090 engines, and aged between 10 and 14 years. It doesn’t identify the seller, just describes […]

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Another airport code that sucks…

Kirsch Municipal Airport carries an unfortunate IATA identifier code and, if this comment to the Google Maps forum is genuine, it’s starting to wind up the local jet charter firm. ‘IRS’ is the common abbreviation for the Internal Revenue Service but, in Google’s geographic database, a search for ‘IRS’ doesn’t bring up the US Government’s […]

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How the Internet makes a world of difference III

EgyptAir’s wayward route map may have picked up some attention in the last few days but we came across it last August* when we pointed out other examples of questionable geography. The Israeli press is bemoaning the airbrushing of Tel Aviv – not really a great surprise, although it’s led to some eccentric interpretations. It’s the placing of Damascus a long […]

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