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FARN10: Those extra BA 787s…or not

British Airways didn’t sneak a crafty Boeing 787 order into the Farnborough bun-fight, but you couldn’t be blamed for thinking it had.   Not least because the non-existent order for 24 aircraft was splashed by Dow Jones and its sister Fox Business…     …and, inevitably, left a trail of confusion in the aviation forums. […]

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FARN10: It’s behind you…

Boeing brings its brand new aircraft to the UK‘s premier air show and the BBC, as you’d expect, is straight in with an interview featuring 787 chief engineer Mike Sinnett.   And the choice of backdrop? Arch-rival Airbus’ A380. Naturally…  

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FARN10: 787 inbound…heads up, Airbus

Couldn’t resist grabbing this screenshot from the flight-tracking site Flightradar24 while waiting for the Boeing 787′s arrival at Farnborough today. It’s pictured crossing into the UK mainland, pretty much directly over Broughton. Where, of course, Airbus builds all its wings. Those rascals.

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FARN10: A350 and a Spanish inquisition

Set-up day at Farnborough and one of our own lobs a speculation grenade into the Flightglobal chalet. The EADS stand features a full-sized Airbus A350 XWB mock-up with a Spanish flag prominently positioned behind the cockpit window.   There’s a pressure wave of half-baked conclusions and outrageously premature headlines, mainly about Iberia long-haul orders, before […]

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Russian cockpit contest puts brains before beauty. Maybe.

As fans of the now-defunct ‘Miss KrasAir‘ contest will testify, you can rely on Russia to be shamelessly anachronistic when it comes to female cabin crew, and it doesn’t look like the upcoming ‘Flight Attendant at the Helm’ competition is going to be changing things much.   It all kicks off on 16 July when […]

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Michael O’Leary’s tips to endear yourself to the London press corps: #1 the Germany shirt

Yes two days after Germany inflicted the biggest World Cup defeat in England’s history, dumping them out of the tournament in the process, Michael O’Leary conducted a press conference in London today in a German football shirt.

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Good news: Your bag isn’t missing any more

Those of you who’ve read the section on baggage performance in British Airways’ annual report might have noticed that the soft-focus term ‘shortlanded’ has replaced the perennially-trendy ‘mishandled’ which, in turn, succeeded the historically-accurate ‘lost’.   You understand, of course, that this doesn’t matter one jot if you’re in Paris and your suitcase is en route […]

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