Pilots heading for Ben-Gurion…prepare for ramp inspection

If you are an airline pilot heading for Ben-Gurion international airport in Israel be ready for a ramp inspection in one of your next flights.

The Israeli civil aviation authority (CAA) has stepped up its presence in the airport as part of its reorganization. The effort of building an effective regulatory body began before Israel was demoted tn category 2 by the FAA. After years of lack of resources,  the CAA was restructed and received the needed budgets.

The director general of the FAA is Giora Rom, an ex Israeli fighter pilot that completed his service with the rank of general.

The day he entered his office he put on his desk a placard in Hebrew that in a free translation says “the chaos in aviation is finished”. In colloquial Hebrew it sounds better and has the right “flavour”.

The newly recruited inspectors are currently performing between 10-15 ramp inspection every month and the number will increase.

The heavy handed approach is directed also towards the Israeli pilots. The Israeli airline pilots association wanted to continue the self testing of the English level of the pilots. “A friend tests a friend” .Instead, the CAA contracted two private institutes , to perform the proficiency English tests and this created a major clash.  “I’m the regulator and I will set the rules” A new era for Israeli and foreign pilots in Israel.





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