The favourite name for the Israeli airforce’s (IAF) Lockheed Martin C-130 J is “Samson”. That is according to a poll between airforce staff and other aviation related persons.

The IAF dubs all its aircraft with Hebrew names. The Currently operated C-130 E/Hs are dubbed “Karnaf” (rhinoceros).

If the “Samson” becomes official, the C-130 Hercules is about to get a new family member. Samson, a hero of the Israelites with God-given superhuman strength, is the Biblical equivalent to Hercules.

The cockpits of the IAF’s C-130 Js will have 3 seats, similar to the configuration used by the US Special Forces.

The aircraft will be modified for the future installation of some Israeli systems.

The IAF is operating 15 C-130 E/H. In recent years all the fleet underwent fatigue tests with the assistance of Lockheed Martin. The Es will be phased out while the Hs will get structure treatment





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