Low cost terminal ?

A problem of definition. Can a charter or scheduled airline perform part of their flights as low cost and enjoy the benefits?

The Israeli airport authority thinks that the answer is negative and this may end in the Supreme Court.

Arkia ,the Israeli airline, is expanding its low cost operations and plans such flights to long haul destinations.

In 0ctober 2010 , Arkia has started operating low cost flights to Paris and Amsterdam.

On January 11 Arkia announced that beginning in spring of this year, the “Arkia Express” low cost flights will be offered to three additional destinations – Moscow, Kiev and Rome.

The low cost flights are offered under the brand “Arkia Express” at a price starting at $99 each way. All services on the plane can be obtained for an additional fee. Tickets are sold through the company’s web site.

Avi Nakash, Arkia’s chairman, said that the airline is going to expand the low cost flights “When we receive the Boeing 787′s we intend to offer such flight to long haul destinations , such as New-York and Bangkok,” he says.

The Nakash group of America, a company owned by the Nakash brothers, has placed orders for two Boeing 787-9s.

Arkia asked the Israeli airport authority (IAA) to use terminal 1 at Ben-Gurion international airport but got a negative answer. “These low cost flights do not justify the use of the older terminal,” says Kobi Mor, director general of the IAA. While UK airline easyJet enjoys the lower fees in terminal 1, Arkia does not. The definition problem will have to be solved soon by the Supreme Court.





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