Can precise rockets replace the airforce in close range?

It will not be an easy fight but it will end one way or the other. New technologies create pressure for change but some parties are not always happy to make the change.

The general staff of the Israeli Defence Forces (IDF) is re evaluating the use of precise rocket as a substitute for aircraft. Performing air-to-surface missions.

Some years ago, the idea was rejected but now it has been brought up for another round of discussions.

Two Israeli companies, Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) and Israel Military Industries (IMI), have developed a range of very mobile, non-expensive, very precise rockets. Some can be launched from multi launchers that are capable of fast reaction and the creation of a large kill zone.

The two companies claim that these rockets can deliver the needed close support fire to ranges of up to 200km.

Only some designs of the rockets have been revealed while others are still classified.

The Israeli sources say that the rockets are not capable of suppressing massive launch of rockets like the ones that are used by the Hezbollah in Lebanon but are perfect to hit selected targets that can disappear if the reaction time is not short enough.

“To stop a barrage of rockets from Lebanon, the airforce will still have to perform heavy bombing but the precise rockets are capable for other missions that today are performed by fixed wind an helicopters,” one senior Israeli source said.

With the place of the IAF in the hierarchy of the Israeli defence forces this is going to be one very fierce and interesting fight with no air bombs or rockets but with lots of emotions based on tradition.

Changes are not always achieved at the required pace especially when some of the decision makers have sat in cockpits attached to jet engines.








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