Israel’s aviation security authority – plans only.

When politicians announce that something will happen at a certain date, add a few months, in fact many months, and use a lot of patience.


In November 2010 Israel Katz, the Israeli transport minister, announced that he will submit for cabinet approval a proposal to establish a national authority for air transport security.


The new authority was supposed to function on March 31, but as I write, nothing has happened and will probably not happen soon.

Only the involvement of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu may accelerate the process. This also has not happened yet.


The plan is that the new authority will have responsibility for the security of the Israeli air transport sector domestically and overseas.


Currently, El Al supplies security services for the other Israeli airlines in foreign destinations. This situation is against any logic. “Would you expect that the security personnel of Coca Cola will serve Pepsi?” an Israeli aviation source asked cynically.


In the past, when El Al was state owned this could be accepted. The airline was privatised years ago but continues to be the security contractor for its competitors.


El Al has declared that it intends to cease all security services to the two other Israeli airlines on March 31, but that is considered a threat without intention to act, and more as pressure on the government to move forward and change the weird situation. At this point if the new aviation security authority functions even partially, in early 2012, this will be a miracle.


Governments and ministers are very keen to come out with promises and plans. Their implementation is a totally different story.











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