Kinetic kill over the Pacific ocean

The kinetic kill of the US-made target by an Israeli improved Arrow-2 anti ballistic missile on Feb 22 over the Pacific Ocean is another and very important step towards the new capabilities of the Israeli missile defence systems.

A target missile was launched from a US Navy ship off the west coast. The Arrow-2 Block 4 was launched from a US facility on the coast.

The improved Arrow-2 intercepted the target missile after its “Green Pine” ground radar detected it.

According to Arie Herzog, head of Israel’s ballistic missiles defence organisation in the ministry of defense, the Arrow-2 achieved a kinetic hit. He noted: “There was a big explosion over the ocean “. Video footage from the test site’s fast cameras showed the precise hit.

The Arrow-2 is designed to destroy ballistic missiles with a proximity operated warhead, but in this test it achieved a kinetic kill.

Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI), the Arrow’s developer and manufacturer, is currently developing the Arrow-3, a totally different interceptor that is designed for kinetic kills of ballistic missiles armed with unconventional warheads.

The direct hit is an indication that the Block-4 software that was used in the improved Arrow-2 has brought IAI closer to the planned capabilities of the Arrow-3 missile. This new missile is also dubbed “Super Arrow” and will demonstrate new capabilities to match future threats.









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