Advanced helmets: pilots’ best friends

New generations of very advanced pilot helmets are in the works in Elbit Systems’ labs in Israel.

The requirements come from current users and the company is using very advanced technologies in order to answer the increasing needs.

With its helmets installed in almost all types of fixed wing aircraft and rotorcraft, the company is without doubt the leading developer and manufacturer of combat pilot helmets. The fact that the Israeli air force (IAF) is a great believer in their capabilities, makes every IAF base an extension of the company’s development labs.

The fast developments of the helmets have prompted the IAF to upgrade currently used helmets because the pilots want the added capabilities.

Only recently, the IAF has installed the DASH-4 display and sight helmet on its fighters. The Elbit systems advanced version of the helmet allows better performance of the pilot during combat and better debriefing.

According to captain T, the IAF’s officer in charge of the pilots helmets, the DASH-4 allows the pilot to look at a target and the helmet measures his line of sight and transfers the information to other systems in the aircraft, enabling the pilot to lock on air-air missiles, sensors, pods and weapons to the target.

The pilot simply launches the missile. According to the IAF the system allows the engagement of targets that previously were beyond normal dog fight launch zones.

The DASH-4 weighs less than older versions and has an integrated debriefing camera.

“With the new helmet, the pilot gets more information on the display with very good prioritisation. This is a real breakthrough in pilot helmets,” says the company.

The Elbit systems DASH-4 pilot helmet is already in use on the IAF’s F-16-I (SUFA), F-15 A/B/C/D (BAZ) and F-16C/D (BARAK).




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