Anti G-LOC diet

The Israeli Air Force (IAF) safety center is conducting research intended to find ways to minimize the hazards of accidents caused by G-LOC.

G-induced Loss of Consciousness (g-loc) causes a pilot to lose awareness of the surrounding reality.

G-LOC is caused by a cut in the supply of oxygen and sugar (glucose) to the brain and eyes.

If a G force caused by the aircraft manoeuvers decreases the supply of oxygen and glucose to the vital organs the pilot is “disconnected” from the reality outside his cockpit, and actually loses control of the aircraft.

Some accidents that were caused by G-LOC have brought the IAF’s safety center to initiate research about ways to minimize the hazards of G-LOC. The objective was to increase the pilot’s ability to keep functioning when G-LOC occurs until he is able to overcome the effects of the low blood pressure in the brain and eyes.

The initial results pointed to a certain diet that can increase the pilot ability to function properly when G forces increase and cause a shortage of oxygen and glucose in the brain and eyes.

“We prepared a list of food items that must be included in the meals the pilot gets in the squadron. The directions also refer to the amount of liquid the pilot drinks before a mission. We are confident that by keeping the right diet we can decrease the danger of G-LOC,” an IAF source says.

The special diet is already served to the pilots and the safety center is keeping track of the results.







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