Ben-Gurion airport security checks: the dilemma

Human rights organizations in Israel consider it a great success. They refer to the high court of justice order to the state to explain why the security checks in Ben Gurion airport are not equal to all passengers.

But this may be premature, as the situation will not change significantly. For years, human rights organizations in Israel and in other countries have claimed that the security checks that Israeli Arabs and some foreign citizens go through in the airport are humiliating. The accusations relate to the profile system used by the security personnel in Israel’s international airport.

This system is based generally on a set of “characteristics” that may point to a potential danger from the passenger. When such a passenger arrives at the airport, he is subjected to a process of questioning and search of his luggage.

The Israeli security experts say that nothing in this process can be currently changed and express their belief that not even the high court of justice will force a meaningful change.

The Israeli Airports Authority (IAA) , has decided to install a new baggage security check in the airport. This system is being tested now and its installation will start next year.

Sources in the IAA say that this system will enable to ease the pressure on most of the passengers but are not specifying as the system is highly classified.

I don’t think that in the current situation something substantial in the security checks at Ben-Gurion airport will change. The risks are simply too high. The technical alternatives are not yet operational.










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