Big picture for Israeli air force’s combat pilots

The Israeli air force (IAF) is evaluating a system that will enable the force’s ground control units to relay data from their radar displays directly to the cockpits of fighter aircraft.

The IAF is operating some major ground control units that are creating a big picture of all the aircraft flying in a very wide area in the Middle East.

The aim of the new system is to relay some of the data that is shown on the radar screens of the ground control units, directly to the displays of the pilots.

This will enable the crews in the ground units to relay targets to the pilots without the need for verbal instructions.

An enemy fighter aircraft can penetrate Israeli airspace in a very short time and therefore the reaction must be immediate.

This capability is only one improvement that is aimed at shortening the reaction time of IAF fighters scrambled to counter a very fast moving threat.

In a recent drill the IAF G-550 “Eitam” AEW aircraft has relayed radar pictures directly to the ground control units.

“The fusion of radar and other sensors data is crucial to the ability to intercept an enemy aircraft before it enters the Israeli airspace,” one expert says.



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