Watch passengers’ weight, save fuel

With the price of jet fuel rising, any idea to improve fuel efficiency is of great interest to airlines.

An Israeli company has developed a system that will take the exact weight of passengers and feed it into the aircraft’s computer in order to save fuel and increase safety.

The company has applied for patent registration in the USA and Israel.

According to Nir Padan, general manger of FAR Technologies, the quantity of fuel loaded on an aircraft essentially derives from its overall weight. Therefore, accurate determination of passenger’s weight will allow the airline to decrease this quantity, whenever the passenger’s actual weight is lower than the predicted average.

Padan adds that processing passengers’ weights prior to flight will enable the airline to control their sitting distribution according to the desired center of gravity.

“Controlling center of gravity improves aircraft range and performance,” he says, adding that the preferred approach will be to incorporate these additional required figures into booking systems.

“Passengers will be asked to declare their weight when the ticket will be issued. Airlines will undertake not to use this data for any other purpose. To encourage weight declaration, airlines may consider reducing the tickets price of the ticket by few dollars,” he says.

Padan adds that with a voluntary declaring approach, even if only 30% to 60% of passengers report their accurate weight and all others assumed to be average, overall data will be much more accurate.








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