Survival of the small – Israeli companies team

The only chance small Israeli defence manufacturers have to survive is to join forces domestically and overseas.

Here is a recent and very good example. Innocon is a small unmanned air systems (UAS) manufacturer trying to penetrate the international market where three major Israeli UAS manufacturers are also competing with companies from the USA and Europe.

Innocon has recently teamed with Nostromo Defensa, an Argentinean UAS company. This teaming will enable Innocon to offer its systems to the Argentinean and the South American market.

Innocon will bring to the team its Naviator Flight Computer which, according to the Israeli company, is responsible for all flight aspects including short distance and highly accurate landing, landing capability on wide-ranging of surfaces utilizing a variety of landing gear including wheels, skids, or parachute.

Innocon says that the Naviator technology also enables altitudes and airborne durations normally associated with a large UAS, high precision automatic landings on unpaved and difficult terrain, real time airborne information dissemination to multiple systems users and simultaneous data management for multiple platforms with the use of the company’s ground based mission control station. 

At home, Innocon has improved its marketing leverage by teaming with Israeli communications company IMC Microwave Industries.

IMC’s communications systems will be offered with Innocon’s full range of uas systems. IMC is a private company supplying state-of-the-art RF and Microwave components, Data links, Antennas, Sub-systems and Systems.









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