The Israeli open skies and the airlines

The open skies policy of the Israeli ministry of transport is affecting the number of flights to the country and this summer they will reach a peak.

According to data received from the Israeli Airport Authority (IAA) this summer will demonstrate an increase in flights to and from Israel.

The data shows that foreign airlines will operate 413 flights a week to Ben-Gurion international airport, an increase of 9% compared to summer 2010.

This increase is a direct result of the schedules of 57 foreign airlines that have been approved by the Israeli Civil Aviation Authority (CAA).

This policy has affected the competition and in spite of this fact more foreign airlines are planning to fly to Israel.

The increasing number of foreign airlines has decreased the share of El Al, the Israeli largest airline, in the airport. Once well over 40 % it will amount this summer to only 38.5% of traffic.

El Al has tried to resist the open skies policy but the skies have been opened and that brought new airlines to fly to Israel and the competition has increased on all routes.







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