Air cargo – the terror threat is rising

How to prevent the use of air cargo for the performance of terror acts? This is an issue that is the focus of the Israeli general security service.

The problem has been intensified by an increase in the number of courier packages flown by dedicated or passenger airlines all over the world and to Israel at a very fast-growing pace.

After the attempt made last year to send explosives in packages originating in Yemen, Israeli experts visited some “sensitive airports” and supervised the security measures that are applicable to small packages.

These checks resulted in some additional classified measures that are mandatory on certain routes that end at Ben-Gurion international airport in Tel Aviv.

All freight leaving and arriving at Ben-Gurion airport is checked by special security systems, while some is put through pressure chambers that simulate flight conditions in case a barometric detonation fuse is used.

“This is a never-ending chase after terror minds and techniques and we have to be at least one step ahead,” said an Israeli security expert.

The money spent by Israeli organisations to create the safety net that will prevent using air cargo for deadly terror acts is big. There are no signs that these budgets will get smaller in the foreseeable future. 

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