El Al 777 landing gear failure – the investigation continues

The investigation of the cause of the El Al 777 emergency landing in May enters its final phase.

Experts from the FAA, NTSB and Boeing, including metallurgic engineers, are expected this week at the MRO centre in Singapore that overhauled the landing gear that failed.

“We hope that after this phase of the investigation, we will be very near to a full picture of what has happened,” a source close to the investigation said on 29 June.

Preliminary findings from the investigation of the emergency landing raised the possibility that the failure of one of the main landing gear was caused by the overhaul of the unit at an MRO centre in Singapore.

Yitzhak Raz, chief accident investigator of the Israeli ministry of transport, said earlier this month that the cause of the failure is probably work that was performed on the landing gear during the overhaul.

Raz said that the exact cause of the failure had not been detected and the investigation therefore continued.

Immediately after the emergency landing on 23 May, it became clear that a “severe structural failure” caused it.

The El Al 777 took off on a flight for Newark Liberty airport with 279 passengers on board, when there was an indication that the left main landing gear does not retract.

The captain decided to go back to Tel Aviv, and landed safely.

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