Keeping it simple – UAS-based services that are being developed

“The simpler the better” is a slogan used by an Israeli insurance company to promote its business, and it works. Now we will have a chance to see if it works in the unmanned air systems (UAS) market.

Themis was formed by UAS experts who served in the Israeli defence forces, and is already supplying services in different parts of the world.

The company has operated UAS in different parts of the world and is currently supplying training services for UAS operators.

In an effort to enhance its services, Themis developed a simple method to use a small UAS for civil mapping services.

According to Assaf Gilboa, the company’s CEO, the service is based on a SkyLite-B mini UAS made by BlueBird. The company has attached a Canon SLR camera to the UAS, and with the right software it was tailored to perform the mapping services. “We proved that the still camera with the right software is doing the job. That allows us to take orthophotos of large areas. The camera takes a picture every three seconds and the output is perfect for agricultural uses, but not only.”

Gilboa explained that the fact the small UAS can fly very low improves the images’ resolution.

Themis has just completed a pilot for a potential customer. “We know that the demand will increase as we demonstrate this simple and very cost-effective system,” the president of Themis said on 16 June.

The trend is very clear. By combining a mini UAS with off-the-shelf equipment like an SLR still camera, the services become more affordable and this, at the end of the day, is the key.

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