Super targets for super threats – the Israeli effort

As the threat grows, the effort to deal with it grows and so, too, does the means to test whether this effort is successful.

The threat is the full current and future range of rockets and ballistic missiles developed by countries such as Iran.

The threat will take a frightening twist when Iran has the capability to attach a nuclear warhead to one of its missiles.

Israel hopes to be prepared, while other countries prefer not to think about what may happen if the fanatical regime in Tehran decides it is the right moment to destroy its fictional enemies.

These enemies never posed any threat to Iran – a nation that regressed from a modern country to one that punishes couples who kiss in public.

While many countries in Iranian missile range think international sanctions will stop the regime in Tehran, Israel has developed a multi-layered shield.

This huge effort – only part of it has been revealed – has enabled Israeli defence industries to develop not only offensive and defensive means, but tools to test their efficiency.

The last of these to be revealed is Rafael’s “Silver Sparrow”,  an advanced target missile that will be used as part of the Arrow-3 interceptor programme – developed to defend Israel against long-range ballistic missiles.

The Silver Sparrow is Rafael’s third-generation target missile. The first was the Black Sparrow, followed by the Blue Sparrow. The Silver Sparrow has been developed to allow the performance of intercept tests with the Arrow-3.

The first fly-out of the Arrow-3 will take place next year.

The Arrow-3, developed by Israel Aerospace Industries, will intercept incoming ballistic missiles using kinetic kill, instead of proximity warhead detonation, as in the operational Arrow-2. This calls for a new advanced target.

Others are being developed to answer the growing threat. Super targets have become an integral part of defending a country from a multi-threat.


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