Israeli aviation security abroad – no compromise



There is growing concern in Israel about the refusal of certain countries in Europe and Scandinavia to allow Israeli securitystaff to  perform checks on air passengers heading to Israel.

Last week, Denmark told Arkia, the Israeli airline, that it refuses to let Israeli security staff perform independent security checks at Copenhagen airport on the Israeli airline’s fights to Tel-Aviv.

The Danish authorities have also made it clear that they will not allow any Israeli security people on their soil to carry weapons.

Denmark said the independent security checks that the Israeli personnel perform would violate laws of freedom of occupation and human dignity. The Danish authorities said they are ready to allow Israel security personnel to work with local staff but this offer was rejected by the Israeli side.

On 4 July, Arkia spokesperson Orly Peleg- Mizrahi said the passengers are transferred to Malmo in Sweden and from there flown to Israel.

The Israel general security service has never accepted security checks on flights to Israel that are being performed by local staff in other countries. “We have our methods and standards and that is a red line that will not be crossed,” an Israeli aviation source said.

The Israeli security staff that check the passengers on Israeli airlines and who guard the boarding area are specially trained. All of them served in elite units of the Israeli defence forces.

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