“Safe City” – a safe haven for mini UAS’

“Safe City”. This new buzz word puts smiles on the faces of small unmanned air system (UAS) manufacturers. While homeland security is still part of the big league, projects dealing with the security and safety of people in their home towns seem to be accessible to almost any UAS manufacturer.

In Israel, a world power in the UAS arena, this buzz word is having a strong effect.

Innocon, the Israeli UAS manufacturer, has identified a potential market for its products as part of “Safe City” programmes.

Michael Armon, president of Innocon, said that the need for small, robust UAS’ with very efficient payloads has opened a big market to his company. He said: “The need for UAS’ that can fly very low and for long hours is in the focus of planners of safe city projects.”

Innocon is using a very small and light payload on its mini and micro UAS’, that are then offered to the Safe City projects.

The company has completed a series of successful test flights of the MicroCam payload on its Micro Falcon UAS. The MicroCam, weighing only 100g, is manufactured by Nexvision in Israel.

The 6kg Micro Falcon was designed for soldier-level missions of over-the-hill observation. The micro UAS uses Innocon’s Navigator Flight Computer, which is responsible for all aspects of the flight including take-off and landing.

Armon said the Navigator frees operators to concentrate on payload tasks exclusively, thereby optimizing mission success. Operating at an altitude of up to 15,000ft (4,572m) the micro UAS can stay airborne for 2h, day or night.


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