Revealing the fine detail on Jupiter

Israel needs more intelligence satellites, and some are in the design and production process.

Unlike in the past, some of the new ones will be in the mini and micro classes.

The demand for these visual data collectors orbiting Earth will be greater than ever before.

Intelligence about hostile and dangerous countries, such as Iran, is useful when it supplies such fine detail.

The mission in the case of optical satellites is on the shoulders of Elop, a division of Elbit Systems.

In the division’s labs in Rehovot, scientists are stretching the technology to build the next-generation Jupiter high-performance space camera.

This system will enable Israel to launch small intelligence satellites that offer excellent resolution.

Elop has made the optical payloads for all of the Israeli intelligence satellites launched so far.

According to Elop general manager Adi Dar, the Jupiter is intended for installation on micro and mini platforms.

He added that the new space camera payload is optimised for high-resolution images.

The new system will allow very detailed high-value target investigation, definition of small and discreet vehicles, objects and structures, high-quality intentions and warnings (I&W) and situational awareness. I&W is a process of strategic monitoring that analyses indicators and produces warnings.

The advanced camera contains both panchromatic (PAN) and optional multi-spectral (MS) imaging capabilities. By sharing a common optical assembly it is capable of simultaneous operation and the creation of PAN, MS and pan-sharpened images.

According to Elop, from an altitude of 600km the Jupiter camera provides very high spatial resolutions of 0.5m resolution (PAN) and 2m resolution (MS) while covering a swath of 15km.

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