To handle a threat with “MUSIC”

A “hot” piece of intelligence may finally be the trigger that will lead to the installation of countermeasures on Israeli passenger aircraft.

The first decision to install countermeasures was made in 2002, but disagreements between ministries slowed the process to a halt.

Earlier this week, however, a threat alert generated a number of “precautions” – and a decision to expedite the installation process.

The alert coincided with a certification process launched by the Israeli Civil Aviation Authority. When this process is complete, the Elbit Systems C-MUSIC countermeasures system will be ready for installation.

The 2002 decision was to use the Israel Aerospace Industries flare-based Flight Guard system as an interim solution, but this did not come to pass.

Adi Dar, general manager of Electro-Optics (ELOP) -  the Elbit Systems division which developed C-MUSIC – said the certification will be applicable for use on Boeing’s 737, 747 and 777 and Airbus’s A-320.

C-MUSIC is based on the MUSIC system – a direct infrared countermeasure

for military aircraft and helicopters, which causes missiles to veer off course by firing a laser beam.

Dar said the system’s reliability, rapid response and ability to deal with multiple threats makes C-MUSIC one of the most advanced systems of its kind in the world today.

According to the Israeli government decision, C-MUSIC will be installed on Israeli aircraft.

After certification is complete, the Israeli government will then have to prove that even after long delays it is serious about its own resolutions.

The threat has been real for years. The experts say now is the time to be ready to foil it.


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