Enhanced market for enhanced visibility system

This is a very good example of using military technology for civil applications. It proves that such adaptations can meet a big market and, in this particular one, it is going to be even bigger.

Elbit Systems of America, a wholly owned subsidiary of Elbit Systems from Israel, recently delivered its 1,000th Enhanced Vision System (EVS).

When this system was introduced into the market, many looked at it as a gadget that is “nice to have”. The numbers prove that they were wrong.

When combined with a certified Head Up Display (HUD), this system provides low visibility “approach ban” relief and landing credits in North America and Europe.

The first all-weather window EVS was manufactured in 2001 to improve the capability of commercial, business, and military aircraft to execute precision and non-precision approaches.

Today, aircraft equipped with the system can land, taxi and take off in total darkness, fog, rain, snow and other reduced visibility conditions. The results are an increase in safety and a significant reduction in flight operation delays.

The EVS system is currently installed on all aircraft models manufactured by Gulfstream Aerospace and is in the installation process on all widebody aircraft used by Federal Express.

The EVS uses advanced technologies developed for military uses, mainly by Elop, the Elbit electro-optic division.

The system has begun a revolution in the civil market and enlarged the operational envelope of civil aircraft.

The company says that it is suited for Next Generation airspace satellite-based operations, such as WAAS, LAAS, SBAS, RNP, and RNAV, by providing a means to continue descent below decision height at all airports, regardless of infrastructure and weather conditions.

The company also says that it provides improved situational awareness during ground operations, helping to reduce runway incursions.

“We have supplied the system to many customers including FedEx and Gulfstream and it gains more popularity as it allows safe operation in bad visibility. We see a big potential market in the future,” said Joseph Ackerman, president and CEO of Elbit Systems.

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